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Less Carbon Emissions, More Website Speed

Every millisecond counts when it comes to web page loading time – not just for your users, but for the Planet too. Faster loading times mean better user experience and less power consumption, creating a cleaner and greener online space.

● Our server is powered by green Google Cloud infrastructure
● We run on the latest technology stack for maximum efficiency
● We use powerful caching technology that can boost your website speed up to 5x faster


Plaza Marquee is a leading web design company that offers cost effective responsive web design, web developing and web market solutions. We provide unique solutions and affordable web design services thereby enabling you to make a strong impression on your potential clients or customers.
We are here to help you understand E-marketing, and concentrate on your target audience to maximize your profit. Our team is proficient in the fields of web design, programming, and online marketing.


Turn your website into a revenue generator.

When customers search online, are they finding you or your competitors? Our proven SEO methods are based on in-depth analysis of what search engines are looking for, which helps your business have greater visibility online so more customers can find you.


Shine in the right places.

Go from outdated to updated – search engines are the new yellowpages. Search engine marketing drives the right customers to your business and turns searches into revenue. Market your business to the people looking for local products or services like yours.

• Quick set-up process
• Online dashboard to track results
• Keyword and geo-targeted messages
• Flexible budget on ad spending
• Maximize exposure and increase traffic to your site


Build your brand and reach new customers.

Let our experts go to work for you! We can develop and monitor, custom social advertising campaigns that will drive traffic, increase search engine results, and boost customer loyalty for your business.


Reach the Right People at the Right Time.

Direct Email lets us build your email marketing campaigns and expand your customer base! By using your most current data, we ensure your campaigns reach active and high-quality leads. Whether you are running a promotion or announcing new
products, Direct Email will help to micro-target your audience and provide you with real-time email metrics.


Bring your business out of the shadows.

How do you know your marketing strategy is working? Today, more than ever, phone calls are still one of the best sources of quality leads for your business. Now you can finally shed light on what leads you gain from advertising campaigns on and off line.


To learn more about any of these important tools, please contact us or call at (845) 926-6177